Photo of 975600 at Derby Etches Park

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  • 975600 - Network Rail De-icing & Sandite Unit 930010

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  • Dave Carson - Rail Audit Services Ltd

    19 September 2009, 09:03:21

    That's better!!!! Almost 'officially preserved'.

  • steve

    11 December 2010, 22:00:15

    i thought it was preserved along with its other coach shame its not on the sr where it belongs

  • bryan blessed

    13 December 2010, 09:32:49

    shame it's not at booth's where it belongs

  • kev smith

    13 December 2010, 10:50:28

    weird isnt it how the southern ground to a halt couple of weeks ago - i wonder if they have ever though of maybe some de-icer and ice breaker units for the third rail lines,

    shame they are all gone isnt it !!

    so now Trace heating on the rail - wow - i never thought of that !! that wont last long once its covered in shite and gunge !!

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