Photo of 977163 at Ashford OTPD

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  • 977163 - Balfour Beatty Staff & Generator coach

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  • Ben Williams

    3 March 2008, 22:10:33

    This coach currently has no numbers on this side (and hasn't done for a long time!)

    Interesting it has also gained a TOX grafitti tag - more familiar to London Tube stock a few years back but seems to be less apparent these days (I think it was widely copied and the original TOX guy got a slapped wrist and a few hours community service for many thousands of pounds worth of damage...)

  • Andrew Harvey-Adams

    4 March 2008, 15:24:02

    The Toe-rag also probably got a free holiday somswhere hot , because no doubt

    sombody said it was not his fault , he caused the damage etc , It was his ''upbringing ''

  • Dave Carson

    4 March 2008, 18:49:33

    No, TOX got 5 years, London Underground & British Transport Police pressed for the maximum sentance and TOX got it!

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