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  • 977193 - Crewe Works Test Train coach

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  • Ben Williams

    29 August 2005, 20:36:31

    This coach and 977085 to the right are now owned by FM Rail (Fragonset) although I'm not sure at present what they plan to do with them - does anyone know what they are like inside? or how much work would be required to get them back into passenger use? They may just be providing a source of spares...?

  • Martin Barnsdall

    18 March 2006, 21:01:25

    There are/were plans to put this and 977085 back into mainline service as catering vehicles for special trains. According to 'those in the know' both vehicles interiors are in 'as withdrawn' condition retaining all kitchen equipment. However, these plans may have been superseded by more recent aquisitions.

  • Duncan Reed

    14 January 2007, 19:11:14

    Now offered for sale via GVA Grimley, together with 977335, DB975460/90

  • Duncan Reed

    15 January 2007, 14:08:16

    The contact at GVA Grimley dealing with this is David Speight 0161 956 4321.

  • Phil Scott

    12 March 2007, 20:43:30

    Any news yet on whether this and the other ex-FM Rail departmental vehicles have been sold?

  • Dave Shell (NREL, AVRP, OTPPG)

    26 February 2008, 22:30:52

    Judging from the photos taken by Gray recently I have a feeling that someone has tried cutting off the metal coverings to the windows as these are now covered with what looks like marine ply.

  • Ben Williams

    5 April 2009, 00:12:57

    Sent for scrap to Kingsbury on monday...

  • Phil Scott

    5 April 2009, 00:40:32

    Did this coach still have its interior kitchen, as it might be of interest to preservationists for spares?

  • Dave Shell

    5 April 2009, 07:03:27

    I think this was stripped to supply parts for other vehicles in the old FM fleet anyway phil, so I don't think there will be much inside.

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