Photo of 977207 at Ashford Chart Leacon T&RSMD

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  • 977207 - Network Rail Tractor Unit 930101 (with ADB977609 - formerly 930014) Also previously part of 932054 (first issue of set number) with 977208

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  • Ashford Chart Leacon T&RSMD
  • 30 March 2006
  • © Steve Hatcher


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  • Ben

    1 June 2006, 00:32:30

    As is evident from this photo it seems this unit never carried its allocated 930101. Just visible to the left is 977609 which has been used for various livery tests over the years. If anyone has any more photos of these 4 remaining Sandites at Ashford (or could obtain them) they would be most welcome before they get scrapped!!


  • Ben Williams

    1 April 2007, 09:45:02

    These vehicles may soon have a new lease of life as Network Rail's new patrol unit - see DPTgen post for more!

  • sam burke

    1 April 2007, 17:28:34

    it's about time they got put to something useful. i remember them in nse livery.

  • steve

    13 October 2009, 01:50:17

    regarding pics of chart leacon scrap units,if you email me off site i can send you some prints of them via post.


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