977207 977609 975605 975598

Photo of 977207 977609 975605 975598 at Ashford Chart Leacon TMD

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  • 977207 - Network Rail Tractor Unit 930101 (with ADB977609 - formerly 930014) Also previously part of 932054 (first issue of set number) with 977208
  • 977609 - Network Rail Tractor Unit 930101 (with ADB977207 - formerly 930014)

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  • Ben Williams

    18 June 2008, 00:06:35

    The full line-up. With impossible road access (?) and difficult conditions for disposal on site these four have remained here longer than anyone might have anticipated! I'm sure they are up for disposal and people have probably been scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do with them. I'm sure a night-time tow down the line to the OTP depot wouldn't be completely out of the question...?? Again if anyone knows any more I'd be very interested to hear it!

  • tony rispoli

    23 November 2009, 14:30:02

    what is the latest with these?

    They could make an interesting aquisition for a preserved line!

  • Ben Williams

    14 December 2009, 12:24:35

    Apparently being removed by road this week with the aid of some extra track panels being laid! Off to Ron Hull's Rotherham for scrap.

  • Ben Williams

    16 December 2009, 13:14:22

    Various logistical issues mean this job is still pending...

  • Ben Williams

    17 December 2009, 09:49:33

    Now postponed until the new year...

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