Photo of 977337 at Derby RTC

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  • 977337 - Serco Track Recording Train Dormitory coach

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  • Anonymous

    3 June 2008, 08:51:15

    As entry posted for DB 977338 for 03.06.2008

  • Ben Williams

    19 March 2010, 13:30:50

    Ben at Model Rail magazine is looking for more photos of 977337 for a new model - particularly the ends and details - so if anyone has any or can point me in the right direction (can't seem to search Fotopic as previously?)

    Alternatively if anyone knows of its current movements he may be able to get pics for himself so any help appreciated.


  • SD0853

    20 March 2010, 13:39:21

    It'll be on the RTC at Derby. It doesn't get out much these days as it's body is pretty much knackered (in all of the usual MK2 places), and it's usefulness was greatly reduced after the introduction of the DBSO's which left other mess vehicles free to be cascaded onto other trains.

  • Ben Williams

    25 May 2011, 21:53:58

    This apparently left by low loader this evening - destination currently unknown

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