Photo of 977349 at Immingham Railfreight Terminal

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  • 977349 - M&EE De-icing & Sandite Unit 936003

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  • michael costar

    28 May 2004, 15:20:06

    Are there any 501 cars left apart from the two that belong to the MOD for use as coaches.

  • Mike Porter

    26 October 2006, 15:00:15

    I believe there are now only 2 class 501 cars left.

    75186 (ex MOD Marchwood) now at Coventry, which has very recently been joined by 977349 (ex Immingham). The other Marchwood item TS 70170 was found to have a twisted frame and collision damage. It went for scrap.

  • Jonathan Flood

    6 June 2008, 13:05:02

    So does TS 70170 still survive or has it now actually been scrapped?

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