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  • 977349 - M&EE De-icing & Sandite Unit 936003

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  • Ben Williams

    6 November 2006, 08:40:19

    If anyone has any more history on this vehicle please contact me.

  • Dave Carson

    6 November 2006, 19:40:32

    Have a gut feeling that this is one of the ex-LMR Euston-Watford/Broad Street-Richmond Driving Motor Brake Seconds used in regular service until the late 70s/early 80s when Broad Street closed and the fleet later replaced by 313s.

    The window bars mean that this would normally be a North London Line car (Broad Street-Richmond) because of the restricted tunnels around Finchley Road/Hampstead Heath, but were interchangeable with the Watford dc lines services.

    Surprised to see one make it to preservation, they were not my favourite emu, spent more time in these noisy, smelly, smoky cars getting wetter inside than in the rain outside at a miserable depressing Broad Street station!

  • Andrew Humphries

    7 November 2006, 17:34:00

    This vehicle is a class 501 DMBS.

    It was delivered in 1957 to replace ageing LMS units, spending it's whole working life allocated to Croxley Green Depot in Watford.

    It remained in service until 1985 when it was replaced by transferred BR class 313 units

    3 class 501 units were kept and transferred to departmental service (Oct 85) working over Wirral/Mersey lines they remained in use until the end of 1995. They were dumped first at Birkenhead North then transferred to Chester, where the DTBS were coupled to class 73s for sandite duties. The vehicles were then withdrawn and sent to Immingham IRT for scrapping (Apr 02). With thanks to Immingham IRT this vehicle was set a side for preservation and was purchased by the SERA.

    977349(61183) was moved to Coventry on the 27th Oct 2006 and joins DTBS 75186 where both vehicles will be restored.

    If you require more information on this vehicle or would wish to help in its restoration please visit the SERA Web site @ http://www.emus.co.uk

  • Phil Scott

    7 November 2006, 19:02:36

    Has the centre trailer 70170 from Marchwood been scrapped? I know it was sold to a scrap dealer, but last I heard it had not been cut. Is it intended to keep 61183+75186 as a pair, or augment them with a centre coach?

  • Ben Williams

    8 November 2006, 08:22:12

    Yes - as per Mike's comment under the other photo it was found to have collision damage and a twisted frame and therefore sent for scrap - not sure when and where though.

  • Herbert Sprocket

    22 January 2007, 22:07:02

    Very pleased to see this has been saved , were these 3 car units? does anyone know if a complete unit survives?

  • Michael Costar

    23 January 2007, 18:46:49

    They always ran as 3 cars units, no others survive. On a personal note, very disappointed that SERA didn't purchase the centre coach, I understand it had bent frame but as the unit is practically a static exhibit and they never ran as 2 car units I don't see the problem especially as the remaining two cars require a lot of work to restore them. Saving two cars of a three car unit is to me a bit like saving a loco without its bogies.

    I know not everone will agree with me, but thats my opinion.

  • Robert Chilton

    27 January 2007, 14:44:10

    I do absolutely agree with Michael Costar's comment re. not preserving the centre car, at the forefront of my mind having read the other day that one car from the only survivng class 311 has been sent for scrap for some reason, but nonetheless better to have some of a unit preserved than none at all.

  • Andrew Humphries

    30 January 2007, 00:29:47

    Just to put the record straight. The SERA bid on both 501 vehicles that the MOD were selling, we were lucky, we got the driving trailer. The SERA gets its funds from a small collection of people and for what it achieves with it, is quite a feet. And yes the trailer was damaged, but as we are mostly static this would not have been a problem the vehicle also had all of the though cabling striped out so rebuilding would have been required, . Our goal is still to make it a 3 car 501 unit.

    It is hoped that a replacement can be found, any standard Mk1 57 suburban 9 compartment coach can be rebuilt into a centre coach.

    By the way I believe that the trailer car is still intact.

  • Phil Scott

    30 January 2007, 19:02:32

    Suburban second 46116 at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway is for disposal or sale I think.

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