Photo of 977364 at Ramsgate T&RSMD

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  • 977364 - Network Rail De-icing coach (was with 977939/977940 in Unit 930301 - interchangeable with 977870)

Photo details

  • Ramsgate T&RSMD
  • 6 July 1995
  • © John Atkinson


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  • Ben Williams

    3 February 2010, 19:55:34

    Apparently this is due to leave St Leonards on Friday for preservation at Newton Purcell to join the other former sandites...

  • Jon Horswell

    3 February 2010, 21:14:09

    Anyone know, when numbered 10400, which unit this vehicle belonged too prior to its departmental career?

  • clive

    3 February 2010, 21:42:56

    was it SUB or EPB?

  • clive

    3 February 2010, 21:43:59

    I only ask because it is a Bullied build, wheras the Finmere Sandite EPBs are all BR Mk1.

  • Tony Walmsley

    4 February 2010, 10:34:39

    It was a 4Sub augmentation trailer from one of the 43xx units built new in 1925 as 3 car units (will dig out the actual unit nos later).

    Converted to a de-icer in the early 1960s (I think) for the Kent Coast electrification when it was modified to be able to work between pairs of electro-pneumatic equiped emus.

    There were four such conversions originally.

  • Tony Walmsley

    4 February 2010, 13:58:46

    Further to my note above. S10400S was formed into unit 4349 in the spring of 1946 when it was lengthened from 3 car unit 1519.

    4349 was withdrawn in the summer of 1960 and 10400 was converted and renumbered DS70087 at the end of the year. The units motor coaches were also converted to a de-icing unit.

    DS70087 was renumbered 977364 many years later, one of the relatively few vehicles renumbered from one of the pre-nat departmental series to the main BR one.

  • Jon Horswell

    4 February 2010, 21:36:45

    Thanx for the info. Much appreciated. Its incredible to think it has been in departmental service so long.

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