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  • 977399 - ECML Electrification Driver Training Train coach

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  • Tony Walmsley

    8 October 2008, 22:00:24

    This coach, together with Mk2 BSO 9482, have not moved from their current locations for a long time.

    I'm unsure what the technical term for their use is, but they are both parked, chocked and braked at the buffer stop end of two adjacent sidings. They appear to act as some form of brake for loose HST coaches which are coupled to them rather than just left in a siding.

    I think it is incorrect to describe them as OOU.

    Is it reasonable to assume they belong to East Midlands Trains?


  • Tony Walmsley

    31 December 2009, 14:28:55

    I note that no-one has added to my comment 15 months ago.

    This coach and 9482 are still undertaking the same function as braked buffer stops - I suppose this is a type of 'brake force' vehicle, but purely static.

    I repeat my contention of last year that it is incorrect to describe the coach as OOU - but maybe I'm misunderstanding the meaning of OOU!


  • Ben Williams

    2 January 2010, 16:48:42

    I generally use OOU when it is no longer in its original departmental use - ie the training coach in this case - but I guess it is a bit ambiguous here.

    I don't know who owns it officially but EMT or BRB Residuary have both been mentioned I think.

  • Rob Morel

    3 January 2010, 10:40:53

    As HST trailers have "Alliance" couplers which are different from normal "buckeye" couplers I wonder if this vehicle has a modified coupler?

    Also HST trailers except the TGS have no handbrakes (in common with most non "guards brake" coaching stock.

    So I doubt hst stock is being directly coupled to this vehicle as couplings not compatable,

    Maybe just easier to identify the end of the siding with an old coach rather than run the risk of "chinging" the bufer stop block.

    The coach itself not being handbrake fitted??

  • Rob Morel

    3 January 2010, 10:48:26

    The history books show this as ex 3072 an open first of 1955 vintage, 42 seats 2L

    declasified to standard only ,air braked, B4 bogies-

    Allocated to various ECML depots as a driver training coach, this in more simple language relates to just a hauled set of coaches to allow drivers to get used to train handling with the "new fangled" electric locos.

    No handbrake fitted, other than renumbering nothing changed inside,no doors sealed etc

  • SD0853

    4 January 2010, 16:37:01

    Alliance couplers and buckeyes can couple together. Where I work we use coaches with standard buckeye's as barrier vehicles to move HST Trailers and Power Cars

  • Rob Morel

    4 January 2010, 18:37:22

    Thanks sd0853 never knew it was possible -

    (well I didn't know that -learn something new everyday etc etc)

    the photo above shows "coach A" mark3 tgs coupled up to the departmental, can anyone confirm if these mark 3s actually have handbrakes fitted??

    All variety of mark one and two brake vehicles having handbrake wheels in the guards compartment, the 3 Mark 3 half brakes 17173 - 17174-17175 have hydraulic handbrakes but I can't ever recall seeing a parking brake/handbrake in the small guards compartment on hst tgs trailers? parking brakes being on the power cars only as normal running in "fixed sets"

    anyone help with further info lol?

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