Photo of 977591 at Newport

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  • 977591 - S&T Staff & Tool coach

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  • Newport
  • 26 May 1999
  • © Brian Loughlin


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  • Ben

    1 September 2003, 17:13:59

    Long term resident of Newport Godfrey Road sidings and owned by EWS but it isnt clear exactly what this is used for these days...

  • Geoff Cox

    23 June 2005, 16:39:39

    Last I heard it was used by the staff at Godfrey Road (I assume as some sort of mess room or stores vehicle) but I'm not sure if that's still the case. There are plans to move it in the future but it looks likely to be scrapped when that happens.

  • Stuart Woolley

    1 January 2006, 14:56:57

    This coach has always been locked and never been used as a mess coach since its arrival, though will probably be scrapped on site when EWS move to AD Yard, for sure the coach will not be coming as well!!!

  • Ben

    7 March 2006, 20:24:16

    This moved today to Newport docks top and tailed by 09013 & 66044.

  • Andy Dickinson

    23 March 2006, 05:05:22

    I did receive a call from one of the scrap companies asking if I was interested in this vehicle because it was a very early example of a Mk2 coach (2nd. oldest?)

    I wasn't but I passed the info onto an avid collector of Mk2s who I knew would have been. It would appear they have since completed the purchase and the vehicle is safe in preservation. No idea where it has been moved to though.

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