977639, 977640, 977641

Photo of 977639, 977640, 977641 at Southall

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977639, 977640, 977641.

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  • Southall
  • 11 June 1994
  • © Daniel Wright


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  • Ben Williams

    21 March 2008, 19:40:15

    This spent a long time in the nearby yard - presumably it was moved here to be taken away by road?

  • kev

    21 March 2008, 22:08:02

    is this unit still alive at southall ?

  • Ben Williams

    21 March 2008, 22:11:51

    No long gone! Went to MCMetals Glasgow in 1998. I've also just noticed that its time in the yard to the west of the station was after this photo was taken...

  • Alex Betteney

    22 March 2008, 17:40:17

    This was a long term resident in Platform 2 of Darlington Station at one point, possibly c1989?.

  • Dave Shell

    22 March 2008, 20:03:12

    Alex, there are a couple of other shots of it on here taken while it was at Darlo

  • Bill McTavish

    22 March 2008, 20:11:32

    So... dumb question time - what exactly happened in an electrification instruction unit? Staff training I suppose? but training in what? presumably not what electrification or electricity is.....

  • Dave Shell

    22 March 2008, 21:01:26

    I seem to recall some coaches were laid out like the new trains would be in order to familiarise staff with procedures. Not to sure on this particular unit though...

  • rob

    24 March 2008, 05:35:54

    Not a dumb question,

    staff required training on various aspects of the impending electrification especially emergency procedure to turn it off, drivers on lineside equipment,neutral sections , red bonds return cables etc the training sessions usually following the big picture of flow of electricity from power station to overhead line so staff had the big picture.

    A classroom on wheels, the local areas also had big poste publicity campaigns to warn of dangers of electrification

  • Tony Rispoli

    2 April 2008, 18:52:08

    And, apart possibly from the Gatwick Expres, I believe this was the only EMU to carry Intercity livery! Certainly the only AC EMU that I am aware of!

  • Jon Horswell

    2 April 2008, 23:17:52

    Does anyone know why this unit was one vehicle of class 302 and two from class 305? Were these the only vehicles available at the time or is there a reason behind it? Judging by recent comments it COULD be something to do with the need for different types of vehicle during training??

    P.S. Did this unit see any use at Southall or was it merely a place to store it at time?

  • Rich Mackin

    2 April 2008, 23:24:51

    Don't forget the APTs Tony. :-) Though it was certainly the only 'conventional' AC EMU assigned to Intercity sector.

    I'm pretty sure the set was once an entire Class 305, with a 302 vehicle replacing one end in 1989.

  • Robert Chilton

    3 April 2008, 01:15:32

    This was originally complete unit 305435, withdrawn in 1984 and renumbered 305935 for departmental use as the AM & EE electrification instruction unit. Originally the individual vehicles retained their original numbers E75496, E61463 and E75548.

    In 1989 E75496 was damaged and replaced by class 302 DTS no. E75214 ex-unit 302241, which had been withdrawn in early 1989, and at the same time the vehicles were renumbered 977641, 977640 and 977639 respectively, though the unit number remained 305935. Also at the same time it was painted in Inter-City livery and it was the only conventional AC EMU to carry this livery.

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