977804 & 977805

Photo of 977804 & 977805 at Immingham Railfreight Terminal

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  • 977804 - Network Rail De-icing & Sandite Unit 930202 (formerly 930030)
  • 977805 - Network Rail De-icing & Sandite Unit 930202 (formerly 930030)

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  • John Hall

    28 December 2003, 23:18:44

    The Mark 2 coach just about visible on the left is 3230.

  • Tom Walker

    5 June 2004, 17:34:13

    is this unit scrapped now?

  • Ben

    6 June 2004, 11:07:57

    Unfortunately yes - doing a search for either 977804 or 977805 on the left will tell you when and the news article on Immingham disposals will give you pretty much an exact day! This was the only sandite unit I still needed to see and I never got the chance to go up to Immingham before it was cut even though it hung around in the yard for a good few weeks - very annoying!

  • ian saunders

    21 May 2006, 11:52:17

    can anyone tell me what type of unit this was originally were they EPBs or HAPs?

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