Photo of 977806 at Peak Rail - Rowsley

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  • 977806 - Sandite & Route Learning Unit LO905

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  • Ben Williams

    24 June 2008, 14:36:28

    Moved yesterday (23rd June 2008) to Midland Railway Centre along with 54484.

  • john majka

    13 September 2009, 19:20:11

    hi all could anyone shed some light and tell me if 51937 above is in fact 51973 or visa versa because according to ian allens railways restored 51973 is based at midland railway yet on the 29/08/2009

    i attended the rail day and recorded 51937 but after intense serching for 51973 had no joy and after searching many sites on the internet and asking people working on dmus present that day can find no record or exsistance of the number 51973 yet its clearly printed in the ian allen railways restored 2009 and 2007 copy as a matter of interest,could this simply be a printing error when infact 51973 does not exsist

  • Rob Morel

    14 September 2009, 08:08:08

    Sandite set 905 was 977806 (51937) and 977807 (52053)

    both class 108 derby lightweight dmus,1960 vintage

    The number series ran from 51901-51950

    so maybe a typo

  • Michael

    14 September 2009, 17:50:17

    Definitely a typo - 51973 was a Driving Motor Brake Second from a Class 124 Trans-Pennine unit later rebuilts as a non-powered trailer and scrapped a long time ago!

  • john majka

    23 September 2009, 16:58:23

    hi guy thanks for your time and effort in helping to clear the matter above it was driving me crazy, and yet again thanks to the departmental web site for making it so.

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