Photo of 977846 at Derby Etches Park

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  • Ben Williams

    4 May 2012, 22:25:21

    It appears the former numbers of this and 977844 were transposed for a long time in various books and records. Thanks to Kevin and various others we have established the following:

    "Study of the pictures clearly shows that the vehicle scrapped at Rotherham was a DTSO (A) numbered 977846 and the one remaining at Coatbridge is a DTSO (B) numbered 977844. Thus, it is concluded that 76414 & 76433 were numbered the wrong way around and this has only recently come to light.

    Thus 76414 became 977846 and this was scrapped at Rotherham and 76433 became 977844 and this is located at Coatbridge."

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