977962 & 977963 & 977964

Photo of 977962 & 977963 & 977964 at MOD Shoeburyness

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  • 977962 - Cab Signalling Test Unit 960101 "West Coast Flyer"
  • 977963 - Cab Signalling Test Unit 960101 "West Coast Flyer"
  • 977964 - Cab Signalling Test Unit 960101 "West Coast Flyer"

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  • Christopher Fuller

    27 January 2007, 11:40:01

    This unit may be saved and preserved by the Ipswich Dock Railway Preservation Society soon.

  • Christopher Fuler

    25 February 2007, 17:33:27

    The Ipswich Dock Railway Preservation Society hope to restore it back under its own power and back into British Railway standard maroon. All we have to do now is wait for a reply from Network Rail to buy the railway, then it will all start! Help us buy the railway at: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/levelcrossing/

  • Dave Carson

    25 February 2007, 19:23:25

    Err, I think the Ipswich Dock Railway Preservation Society have forgotten a thing or two, Can't have preserved 25Kv overhead catenary in the UK! So, self-powering this thing is definitely 'being away with the fairies'.

  • Andrew Humphries

    25 February 2007, 22:52:25

    Who said you can't have a preserved railway running 25Kv.

    The HSE are not legally aloud to block any project if the donít like it.

    If a full HSE approved health and safety risk assessment and operating procedures are applied, plus full training and certification of those who operate and maintain the railway and its electrical systems (i.e. With the same qualifications or better than those required for Network Rail). The only thing that stops most groups is the costs.

  • Dave Carson

    26 February 2007, 08:55:55

    OK Andrew, you try it!

  • sam burke

    26 February 2007, 10:03:15

    i didn't know there was even overhead lines in ipswich docks. it's a bit ambitios to preserve a unit, buy a railway and then build overhead lines? like the other guy said - definitely away with the fairys i think

  • Kevin Staddon

    26 February 2007, 10:43:03

    Perhaps they aspire to mainline certification and running on the network?

  • sam burke

    26 February 2007, 11:18:42

    good point well made

    (i'd prefer it in jaffa cake livery)

  • Christopher Fuller

    26 February 2007, 15:30:53

    We hope to use her for 'Push-Pull' services on the line, and operate her on the main line during society excursions!

  • sam burke

    26 February 2007, 15:38:40

    can you paint one side in jaffa cake livery and one in maron?

  • Christopher Fuller

    26 February 2007, 15:55:08

    It sounds interesting, but maby not! I think that it might ruin the nostalgia of the unit, anyway, B.R.maroon rocks!

  • Christopher Fuller

    26 February 2007, 16:16:03

    The EMU society came forwards to us and asked if we would like to buy the unit. we have agreed to the offer with them. You see, the unit is currently owned buy Angel and they told the EMU society that they want to sell it but only to either a light raiwlay, or a museum, and the railway the IDRPS hope to buy is a light railway. we have not signed any contract yet, first we need to buy the railway (Network Rail £3,500 (network rail have not yet decided to give a price because thay have not made up the capitalist minds, this what we asked for it)) then get hold of £7,000 to buy the EMU.

  • Jon Horswell

    16 March 2007, 22:59:23

    Anybody got any close up shots of the names carried on the centre vehicles of these units.

  • Jon Woollard

    28 March 2007, 15:14:17

    Nice to see that part of the 309's are alive if not well. My father was a driver of 309's from 1962 - 1980ish based at Clacton. I would love to see one back in Maroon, but don't think it will be the same without its wraparound front windows but beggers can't be choosers. I have signed the petition so good luck, can't wait to see it in Ipswich.

  • Ben Williams

    14 October 2008, 14:16:32

    Anyone noted these recently please?

  • Phil Scott

    8 February 2009, 13:00:26

    This unit (along with 960102) have now been saved for preservation are moving to Coventry Railway Centre.

    See: http://www.electricrailwaymuseum.co.uk/309.htm

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