Photo of 977975 at Severn Tunnel Junction

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  • 977975 - Former Severn Tunnel emergency train unit 960302

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  • Ben Williams

    23 June 2004, 18:24:08

    If anyone can elaborate on the function of these units it would be good to hear - I imagine the panels on the side are folding ramps for easy access inside? Do they have anything special inside or are they just empty and purely to be used as a vehicle for evacuating passengers from a stranded train?

  • nigel richards

    21 July 2004, 15:18:10

    judging by the photo ben i think they could be for passenger evacuation as i understand the severn tunnel emergancy train is now based at severn tunnel jcn instead of sudbrook due to delays in getting the train from the branch to the mainline.

  • Tom Walker

    7 September 2004, 19:34:04

    So how do these units do their job then? do they just get alongside the stranded HST and open those huge doors? Are they not long enough?

    Wouldn't they become stranded themselves by whatever caught the HST?

    Attractive, aren't they?

  • Steve Wright

    22 September 2004, 00:38:00

    Apparently they are re designed inside to fit rows of field stretchers. So basically load up injured and dead people and bring them out of the tunnel

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