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  • 977996 - Hybrid Diesel Electric/Battery Power Car Tender

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  • ian saunders

    29 October 2007, 11:06:47

    was this vehicle converted from a former mk3 coach or a class 442 vehicle as there appears to be alot of equipment mounted below the body

  • Simon Bendall

    29 October 2007, 12:19:51

    It was converted from a Mark 3 TGS.

  • Napster

    1 October 2008, 10:35:12

    The Hayabusa project has now concluded and this vehicle was returned to Brush Traction at Loughborough along with 43089 on 30th September. 977996 will have it's Hitachi equipment removed and will then be stored (location not known).

  • Bob Parsons

    15 January 2009, 16:18:18

    15th January 2009.

    This coach left Loughborough Brush this morning at 10.30 by Alleley's Transport ------- destination not known.

  • Ben Williams

    15 January 2009, 17:05:24

    To Long Marston apparently - presumably for further storage.

  • Andrew Humphries

    2 October 2010, 22:34:26

    Railway Magazine reports that this vehicle has been sold to Bachmann PLC and is at their HQ at Barwell, Leicestershire

  • Dan Adkins

    29 December 2010, 03:46:45

    Arrived July 2010. To be used as a meeting and training facility, currently gutted inside and is being painted into 'something more in keeping with the countryside'

  • Dan Adkins

    2 September 2011, 15:04:58

    Further to my last comment, it's now overall dark green with a grey roof.

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