Photo of 97800 at Ashford Chart Leacon T&RSMD

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  • 97800 - Shunter Locomotive

Photo details

  • Ashford Chart Leacon T&RSMD
  • 14 August 1982
  • © Neil Walkling


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  • Fin Smith

    8 July 2004, 17:29:53

    I'm hoping the live rails were isolated before this family of two adults and three children started walking around!

  • Ben Williams

    8 July 2004, 21:32:11

    Looks like an open day to me so yes probably a good guess they would be isolated!

  • Neil Walkling

    18 August 2006, 13:22:03

    This was the open day held in 1982. If the third rail was live I probably wouldn't be here now.

  • Steve rimell

    16 December 2010, 22:52:36

    I was there that day. I met John Craven, ofve Newsround.

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