Photo of 99014 at Newport

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  • Newport
  • July 1990
  • © Kevin Dancer


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  • Nick Felton

    27 January 2011, 23:56:54

    99009 on the Vintage Carriages Trust Carriage Survey website is a converted Maunsell BCK passenger coach S6699S.

    Could this photograph be of another vehicle as it is clearly a converted van?

  • John Son

    28 January 2011, 11:49:14

    Is it possible the vehicle on the left is 99009?

  • Tony Walmsley

    28 January 2011, 13:22:26

    Looking at the Vintage Carriage Trust photo and searching this site, I suspect the photo above is of 99014 or 99015 currently at Horsham.

  • Frank Nicholas

    29 January 2011, 14:15:26

    Vehicle on left is a BR mk1 BCK....

  • Ben Williams

    29 January 2011, 16:50:28

    Yes would agree that this is 99014 or 015 but Kevin doesn't know which sadly! Anyone got any photos of the real 99009 please?! Photo on VCT is a bit useless!

  • Les Gregory

    28 July 2021, 07:45:28

    This is definitely CC99014 (ex-SR Scenery Van S4600), the rainstrips are very low down, the rainstrips on 99015 were very much higher up.

    The vehicle on the left, Mk.1 BCK (originally 21275), is CC99016 and is supposed to be the last BCK ever built. A passenger door, originally immediately to the left of the Guard's (inward opening) door has been removed and plated over, notice the long rainstrip which originally covered both doors.

  • Ben Williams

    28 July 2021, 21:37:19

    Thanks Les - now updated.

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