RDB 998901

Photo of RDB 998901 at Widmerpool Straight - Old Dalby Test Track

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  • Widmerpool Straight - Old Dalby Test Track
  • February 1982
  • © Dave Coxon


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  • Ben Williams

    22 March 2008, 18:03:04

    This unit is to see a repaint into this livery over the next month or so...

    " As of today the above vehicle has entered the Middleton Railway Moor Road paintshop for a repaint in BR Research red & blue livery, which will match the Wickham railbus at the same site very nicely. Quite possibly the only pair of RTC blue/red vehicles in preservation - unless of course you know differently...

    The black ends with half yellow panels (see http://www.old-dalby.com/HSCCP.htm) will be particularly attractive and if anyone is interested in chartering the pair in a month or so please contact ian.dobson9015ATbtinternet.com "

    thanks to Ian for the news

  • Dave Shell

    22 March 2008, 20:04:23

    I wonder what the cost would be to charter the pair - say back end of August ;)

  • Jon Horswell

    23 March 2008, 00:23:44

    I would like to know the history of the RTC coloured red/blue van in tow in this photo? I assume it was a tool/stores van but what was its number?

  • SD0853

    23 March 2008, 09:54:51

    The Red and Blue wagon looks very much like...

    HSFV4, (High Speed Freight Vehicle)


    Wagon type ZXX

    and was used as a "Vehical/Track Interaction Stores Vehicle"

  • Jon Horswell

    23 March 2008, 12:19:12


  • Dave Shell

    23 March 2008, 13:18:02

    Agreed, see http://www.departmentals.com/photo/787319. Seeing as this (the wagon) is now preserved the above setup could be partly recreated...

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