Photo of 999503 at Chester

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  • 999503 - Inspection Saloon - "Arrowvale Belle" (Formerly "RACAL BELLE")

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  • Chester
  • 28 August 1995
  • © Nigel Walls


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  • kev smith

    13 July 2009, 13:50:35

    painted in to regional railways by Selhurst level 5 - one of their very last jobs, along with 73003 - sir herbert walker

    test run from selhurst - hove & return as i recall, tony francis Level 5 depot engineer on board with guests & the lads who did the last job

    was a privilige to be on board that run

  • gooner89

    16 July 2009, 17:49:57

    Actually your wrong 999503 not done at Selhurst, the managers saloon which was done at Selhurst just before it closed was 45020, (this was done along with a rake of MK2b coaches in the paint shop for Scotrail)if you notice in the picture 999503 still has the original windows where as 45020 was fitted which new hopper vents, ps i know this due to the fact i fitted a new kitchen in 45020

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