Photo of 999503 at Old Oak Common TMD

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  • 999503 - Inspection Saloon - "Arrowvale Belle" (Formerly "RACAL BELLE")

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  • Ben Williams

    11 September 2005, 18:25:35

    Looking a bit sorry for itself now and not moved from Old Oak for 4 years at least but there is a rumour it may have been bought recently so maybe it will move soon!

  • Jon Horswell

    20 April 2008, 00:56:36

    A vehicle VERY similar to this has appeared at Southall. Can only just make out the front end from passing trains as it lurks within the shed but could it be this vehicle which has made the short trek across from OOC??

  • Simon Bendall

    20 April 2008, 20:20:03

    Would expect the Southall one to be 999506, which arrived on Weds 16/4.

  • Harold A. Nicolson

    23 September 2008, 18:48:45

    999503 and 999509 are quite different.

  • Napster

    28 November 2008, 11:44:52

    This vehicle is now at Ramparts, Derby, where it appears to be receiving from paintwork attention.

  • mike thompson

    4 December 2008, 15:56:43

    hi. 999503, is being restored at ramparts hope it will be back in service early 2009

  • Napster

    29 April 2009, 14:59:49

    Now outside the workshop at Ramparts, resplendent in LMS livery.

  • Phil Hetherington

    13 July 2009, 13:38:47

    Arrived at Great Central Railway 8/7/09.

  • Ben Williams

    13 July 2009, 15:33:07

    Interesting - so did it make it to the Severn Valley or were the plans changed...?

  • Harold Nicolson

    14 July 2009, 19:53:54

    This vehicle built in 1959 and hope it is BR livery like 999504 ?

  • Phil Hetherington

    16 July 2009, 12:50:04

    No, as stated above it's been done in LMS livery with no prefix to the number. Don't ask me why. By the way 999504 has an 'M' prefix when it should be 'DB' - a mistake by the painters I think.

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