Photo of 999504 at Bescot

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  • Bescot
  • 30 August 1992
  • © Simeon Gaskell


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  • Mike Cole

    7 August 2014, 12:20:17

    Does anybody know what the 'box' under the running number on the side reads?

  • Jon Horswell

    7 August 2014, 12:37:16

    I think it is a depot logo InterCity introduced a number during the early 90s that included a ram for Derby Etches Park, a windmill for Crown Point and the twin towers for Wembley. Which one is on this vehicle though I have no idea.

    As an aside does anyone know any other I/C logos that were used by depots?

  • Mike Cole

    7 August 2014, 13:10:51

    Hi Jon, thanks for the speedy reply, lets hope that somebody knows which one it is.

  • Robin Morel

    9 August 2014, 18:56:42

    Looks like a 'shed sticker' older ones on locos and units printed vinyl background in BR Blue with white print, later with Intercity livery, black text on clear background.

    DY - Derby Etches Park had a Rams head logo sandwiched between 'D' and 'Y'

    Although that's not to say it could be a T S for Tyseley that had 'TS' together then a bear logo on the right of the text.

    I also recall a few spoof ones printed, indeed test car IRIS had a whole internal partition covered in them from depots it had visisted

    I've got exampled of the intercity DY and TS if you need a close up,

  • Mike Cole

    10 August 2014, 13:09:22

    Hi Robin, a close of both would be very handy, could you post them here (Ben?) as they are relevant, or if not, my email address is m.cole456@btinternet.com

    many thanks.

  • Jon Horswell

    11 August 2014, 00:59:34

    Hi Ben. You asked Robin before I could. I would like to see both the depot logos too so if they could go on the website it would be great. I am trying to get a comprehensive list together of depot symbols hopefully for eventual publication one day and any info should help.

  • Ben Williams

    11 August 2014, 22:53:30

    Depot stickers not really for this website but I have asked Simeon if he has a larger version of the photo that may answer your question.

  • Ben Williams

    12 August 2014, 22:54:59

    Simeon has sent me the scans and it seems to be the DY one with ram in between.

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