Photo of 999506 at Old Oak Common TMD

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  • 999506 - Inspection Saloon - "AMANDA"

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  • Benn

    25 July 2009, 22:29:42

    Does anyone own any pictures of this Saloon taken around 88-90, or have any details of what liveries this has carried between the 1982 up to present?

  • Mike Cole

    8 September 2011, 08:30:59

    Hi Benn,

    I'm trying to find out similar information for this and the other two vehicles in the same diagram - DB999508/9.

    So far on DB999506, I have found - May 82 was Blue/Grey with full yellow ends and June 92 was InterCity with full yellow ends and the earliest so far in Railtrack Maroon, is October 01.

    I hope that this helps.



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