Photo of 999507 at Llangollen Railway

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  • 999507 - Laboratory 20 "Elliot"

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  • Llangollen Railway
  • 16 July 2005
  • © Graham Parkin


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  • Ben Williams

    24 September 2006, 22:00:10

    The railbus spent a few months on the Llangollen railway in 2005 - seen here before it received its yellow front ends.

  • Harold Nicolson

    9 August 2009, 16:33:58

    This photo of the railbus is nice for an early BR livery, good bye now.

  • Dave Birchall

    10 August 2009, 01:13:42

    Wasn't it painted in BR green livery whilst at the East Lancs Rly??

  • SD0853

    11 August 2009, 15:14:54

    It as painted Green at the East Lancs.

    It never carried this livery whilst in the ownership of British Rail

  • Harold Nicolson

    11 August 2009, 16:42:07

    I see, I would like to know what year it was built ?

  • Harold Nicolson

    12 August 2009, 11:10:57

    Apparently the railbus was built in 1958, by Elliot and green livery for British Railways.

  • SD0853

    12 August 2009, 19:36:11

    It was painted in a terrible yellow and brown livery when new. I'll post a picture or add a link if I can find it, but other than preservation photo's i've never seen one of it in BR Green.

  • Michael

    14 August 2009, 13:18:04

    There's a black-and white image at http://www.railcar.co.uk/hisOthers/WickDep.htm which gives a good idea of the original livery; it is described in the section headed "Delivery".

  • Harold Nicolson

    17 August 2009, 20:45:50

    I realised one of the railbuses is of yellow and brown livery probably No. 79960(1, 2 or 3) at Oxenhope instead of 999507 ?

  • SD0853

    18 August 2009, 15:26:45

    All of the other rail buses would have been delivered in BR lined Green, but when 999507 was delivered it was pinted Yellow and Brown, with the lettering "Track Recording Coach" on either side of the vehicle.

    It was delivered in 1958, prior to the formation of the Research Division, and was operated then by the Civil Engineers Dept. It wasn't until 1970 that the vehicle was taken over by the Research Division.

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