Photo of 999508 at Maidstone

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  • 999508 - Network Rail Track Inspection Coach "TIC"

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  • Maidstone
  • 23 August 2007
  • © Steve Hatcher


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  • John Atkinson

    20 December 2007, 01:10:50

    Hi Steve

    Think your location is wrong, not four tracks at Penshurst.

  • Ben Williams

    20 December 2007, 08:23:31

    Sorry thats my fault - its actually Maidstone!

  • ian saunders

    20 December 2007, 10:03:13

    is this coach the same length as a standard mk1 or the same length as a BG

  • Simon Bendall

    21 December 2007, 23:45:19

    Frames are 57ft, as per a BG

  • ian saunders

    22 December 2007, 01:33:56

    thanks Simon just wondering as I fancy modelling it

  • Simon Bendall

    22 December 2007, 09:41:36

    Assuming you want to do it in 4mm/OO, kits are available from Britannia Pacific Models (www.britanniapacific.co.uk) for both 999508 in track recording form and 999506/8/9 as inspection saloons.

  • Mike Cole

    7 May 2010, 18:24:34

    tried to contact Britannia Models throught their website but no go as I wish to make one of these in O Gauge. Does anybody have any drawings by chance.


    mike Cole

  • Dan

    9 June 2011, 21:12:19

    The venerable 999508 is slated for withdrawal from service later this year, to be replaced with a Mark 2 vehicle; all the measurement kit will be transferred across.

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