B 851856

Photo of B 851856 at Bletchley CS

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  • Ben Williams

    31 August 2009, 17:45:29

    It seems this van does have the remains of an ID on the other side - B 851856 - which is the bodywork from the underframe that became 024818. This is the wagon that Bletchley depot presumably converted themselves into a vehicle for carrying those detergent (?) tanks (see photo on site.) Which all ties together quite well.

  • Rob Morel

    13 October 2009, 17:16:21

    Still on site October 13th, however roof is now open to the elements and the two side doors are wide open and chained back.

    Site is "rail locked" with no road access however removal may be possible with forthcoming Bletchley re signalling/remodelling project.

    Sidings operated by London Midland who I guess now claim to be owner as part of the traincare facility.

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