Photo of DW139 at National Railway Museum, York

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  • 139 - CE Track Recording coach

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  • Jon Horswell

    3 June 2012, 11:30:26

    I now that Matisa 73010 is just visible in the foreground but what is the identity of the NSE liveried EMU driving coach beyond. I thought it might have been the VEP trailer but believed that to be in Connex colours. Either way, these two coaches were hidden away for Railfest. Understandable in the case of this Track Recording Coach that continues to deteriorate at alarming lengths.

  • Dave Warby

    3 June 2012, 21:39:22

    Jon, the NSE liveried vehicle that you can see is Driving Trailer Composite 75395 from Class 414/3 2-HAP 4308, the DMBS 61275 is coupled next to it out of the shot. Incidentally, the 4-VEP vehicle that you mention was also amongst the vehicles in this line up. All these vehicles were tucked away so that they could not be easily viewed by the public at the time of my visit in April. When I returned in May, this area was not accessible as the preparations for Railfest were in full swing, although DW139 could be glimpsed having been shunted a little further along the same siding. DW

  • Peter Hall

    30 June 2012, 12:01:27

    I have seen a report that this vehicle which I understand is no longer part of the National Collection may have left York shortly before Railfest. The suggestion is that it was moved by road to Barry. Can anyone confirm that this is correct?

  • Dan Adkins

    4 July 2012, 19:17:35

    If it was present during Railfest, I certainly didn't see it, and I zoomed my camera on the 2-HAP and other things that weren't on display.

  • Peter Hall

    7 July 2012, 10:48:56

    It is now confirmed that this has indeed reached Barry.

  • Jon Horswell

    7 July 2012, 11:54:38

    No doubt it will now recieve some love

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