999700 cab interior

Photo of 999700 cab interior at Midland Railway Centre - Swanwick Junction

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  • 999700 - Plasser & Theurer UFM160 Eurailscout Inspection Unit

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  • Dave C

    22 July 2010, 19:01:31

    Hi Ben

    I was looking at the photo of the cab interior of 999700 but the series of "more photos of this vehicle" seem to relate to 975386 & 977063. Is it just a glitch? Cheers

  • Ben Williams

    23 July 2010, 20:19:16

    Yes because of the way the system works the "more pictures of this vehicle" feature also picks up other "interior" photos. Not really anything I can do unfortunately. It also happens with the battery loco photos 97701 & 97702 which also shows 977019 photos underneath.

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