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QXX DB 977985 - Structure Gauging Train Support coach


Current number:
Any other previous number(s):
BR coach 72715



No longer part of SGT formation



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  • 977985, DC 460000 & 975081

    31 December 2006 - ian saunders

    what is the colour scheme of this set of vehicles ?

  • 977985, DC 460000 & 975081

    31 December 2006 - Sam Burke

    yellow + black

  • 977985, DC 460000 & 975081

    31 December 2006 - SD0853

    The Black paint is light absorbing black, this is to prevent any reflection from the light beam located within.

  • 977985

    9 February 2009 - Mick Bryan

    Recently noted running with "Mentor" 975091, still carrying the part dark grey livery, presumably as a brake force runner.

  • 977985

    9 February 2009 - SD0853

    This coach is used as a brake force runner, now that it has been replaced in the SGT with DBS 9708.

  • 11 April 2013 - Mick Bryan

    Now fitted with a laser measuring unit and bar-coupled to 977986

  • 977985 & 977986

    21 June 2013 - Ben Williams

    This small box is the modern version of optical car 460000 which I believe will soon be replaced.

  • 977985 & 977986

    22 June 2013 - Robin Morel

    Signalling bell code 5-5 may be used for this (train divided) even though it is clearly not, painting bodysides matt black at an angle to mask the yellow coach ends could help...

  • 977985 & 977986

    22 June 2013 - Jon Horswell

    I thought that painting the vehicle ends matt black had something to do with abosorbing the light as well? Anyway it seems that the optical kit from 460000 has been whittled down to just this box, but there is a large gap between the two vehicles I must admit.

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