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15 September 2008

Your favourite departmentals website is back...

After a brief period I've decided to bring the website back to life.

Since July I've weighed up all the options and taken people's comments on board. I now think that having the site sitting offline is in some ways making more work rather than making my life easier! For example I was getting asked questions that were previously answered by the website, and being asked for photos that were also previously on the site.

So the site will be live again - however I would like to make a few points:

I will not be doing any more summary news articles as these took a lot of my time. News is always posted on the Yahoogroup anyway so if you are not a member, now is the time to join if you want to keep up to date!

I will also not be adding so many photos as this was also very time consuming. The ones I had prepared for the site in July will be added over the next few weeks and then it will be less frequent and with a focus on more newsworthy or rare photos only.

I will update the lists less frequently but things will generally be kept up-to-date.

I would ask that sightings submissions are kept as consistent as possible (as before) to keep my work to a minimum.

With everyone's help we can help keep the website going without it taking over my life!



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  • Keir Hardie

    16 September 2008, 16:29:08

    Thank you! It's been much missed!

  • Russ

    23 September 2008, 00:00:02

    Good to see this site is back. Excellent source of info.

  • Ben Williams

    23 September 2008, 14:18:00

    A few vehicles have not been updated for a while (ie not noted on the website during 2008) so any updates welcome please:

    975598, 605, 977207 & 609 - the sandites at Chart Leacon

    977085 at Barrow Hill

    977399 at Neville Hill

    977618 at Bletchley (burnt out)

    977962-7 at Shoeburyness (309 units)

    977974 at Derby RTC

    999509 at Toton yard

    45029 at Motherwell

    6310 at Old Oak?

    6324 at Crewe CS?

    6358 at Craigentinny?

    6361 at Neville Hill

    6393 at Craigentinny?

    9419 & 9428 the DRS support coaches

    9482 at Neville Hill

    72608 at Allelys

    72708 at Derby RTC

    96380-4 Eurostar barriers - Temple Mills? Dollands Moor?

    99019 at York

    and if anyone has seen the former weedkilling set 99907,8,9,10 in Belgium lately that could be updated too!



  • Harold A. Nicolson

    23 September 2008, 17:26:59

    When website is back, I feel nostalgic, t... tha.... thank you.

  • Tony Walmsley

    24 September 2008, 13:08:50


    There is a Mk2 air conditioned BSO permanently parked at NL on the adjacent siding to 977399 (former Mk1 SO 3072). Both coaches are adjacent to buffer stops and appear to be regularly used to attach loose HST (and Mk4?) coaches to. Not being a technical expert, I guess this is a brake related issue.

    The BSO is on the closer track to the main line and is thus more regularly seen than the SO as the latter is regularly hidden by coaches coupled to the BSO.

    I'll see if I can see the number of the BSO next time I pass the depot.

  • Ben Williams

    24 September 2008, 16:37:34

    If its in Intercity livery it will be 9482. It is included here as it is used as a barrier in departmental role as you say. It would be good to get updated sightings of this, 977399 and the two blue Regional Railways liveried barriers 6360 & 6361 please. And for that matter, the yellow IU wagon in the yard opposite 041633.


  • kev

    24 September 2008, 23:16:37

    good to have the site back on ben thanks m8

  • peter Cummings

    25 September 2008, 23:22:11

    Re 99907-10 in Belgium.

    I've been trying to find info on the fate of this train, as it has been replaced this year by a 'new' train. VTG tanks and ex-Hungarian coaches.

    More, if and when.


  • Ben Williams

    14 October 2008, 14:13:58

    List much shorter now! Thanks to all who have sent in sightings.

    Outstanding now:

    977618 at Bletchley (burnt out)

    977962-7 at Shoeburyness (309 units)

    999509 at Toton yard

    45029 at Motherwell

    6358 & 6393 at Craigentinny?

    9419 & 9428 the DRS support coaches


  • Rob Hewison

    19 October 2008, 14:40:41

    977618 burnt out bletchley is still there at the end of the same siding, viewed it from the road last week


  • Ben Williams

    21 October 2008, 11:37:34

    Outstanding now:

    977962-7 at Shoeburyness (309 units)

    999509 at Toton yard

    6358 & 6393 at Craigentinny?

    9419 & 9428 the DRS support coaches

  • Gareth Bobbett

    22 October 2008, 20:23:53

    Great that you decided to keep the site going.Carry on with the good work.

  • James Brown

    28 October 2008, 17:36:10

    Good to see the site back, it was a valuble resource for my modelling. Congrats.

  • vince minto

    29 October 2008, 22:09:33

    9419 and 9428 still at kingmoor yesterday,at south end 28-10-08

  • Ben Williams

    30 October 2008, 08:28:55

    Thanks again to the latest contributors to the "outstanding" list and also the other people for their kind words about the website.

    Now we're just looking for these three - surely someone has seen them recently?!

    999509 at Toton yard

    6358 & 6393 at Craigentinny?


  • Ben Williams

    4 November 2008, 08:52:38

    With the current stock mainly accounted for, its time to have a look through the Internal lists!

    If anyone can update any of these it would be appreciated!

    024500 at Toton Training School

    024716 Crewe works

    024976 - grounded at Toton

    025035,6,40,1 at Toton

    025045 at Allerton

    041406,839 & 840 at Immingham

    041450,900,1,2 at Neville Hill

    041474 at Worksop

    041989 grounded at Toton

    042200 at Hull BG

    042236 at Peterborough

    082213 & 083315 at Wolverton

    083439 at Wimbledon

    083578 at Rutherglen Bridgeton yard



  • Stephen b

    12 December 2008, 16:43:47

    Old tool van at goddfrey rd,gone to either scrap,or stored at sims,npt docks

  • Ben Williams

    12 December 2008, 16:50:59

    If you mean 977591 that left quite a while ago for preservation!

  • Clive Warneford

    15 December 2008, 16:53:36

    Ben, Glad the site is back....very useful.

    6310 is based at Crewe, in use by Riviera Trains, I think.

  • Clive Warneford

    15 December 2008, 17:21:10

    The following may be useful.

    6324 Marcroft, Stoke. Barrier Veh.

    6358 Mk4 Barrier Veh. Bounds Green.

    6393 Barrier Veh, Edingburgh, Craigentinny.

    96380-4 North Pole, Eurostar Barrier Vehs.

  • ian saunders

    9 January 2009, 17:37:19

    great to see the site back its an invaluable resource for info and modelling many thanks for the rethink Ben

  • Shaun Leonard

    30 January 2009, 11:28:47

    A fantastic site for the modeller. So often it is not possible to get to a location so being able to take a look from the comfort of my home is a great bonous.

    Keep up this wonderful piece of work

    I understand about it "taking over your life" It is not much fun when a hobby becomes a burden.

  • Richard Bairstow

    2 February 2009, 00:52:59

    Just a very belated quick thank you for all of your efforts on this great site.

  • Mike Roch

    1 March 2009, 10:55:17

    Thanks from me too for bringing the site back. There are several wagon types (eg post-WW2 ferry tanks) I've been unable to locate pictures of anywhere else.


  • dave smith

    23 July 2009, 20:28:56

    why have you stopped adding phtos?

  • Ben Williams

    19 August 2009, 16:03:42

    No one has recorded the following at all in 2009 on the website so if

    anyone has any sightings please put them in via the sightings page

    I keep banging on about trying to keep these pages up to date because

    it helps when vehicles get moved or scrapped. It also helps people in

    general if things are as current as possible - thanks.

    975000, 975290, 975463, 977337, 977855, 1205, 72612, 92114, 511023 (HSFV1) Derby

    975087, 975464, 975477, 975486 Wigan

    975454, 45020, 94121 Toton

    975482, 975498, 80211 Derby barrier vehicles

    975598, 975605, 977207, 977609 Ashford sandites

    975600 & 975601 Derby Etches Park (!)

    975681,2,5,6,7,8, 975920 Portobello

    975918 Mossend

    977987,8,92 Aylesbury

    999666 LUL TRC

    45029 West Ruislip

    70220 North Acton

    6310 Charter generator

    6321,2,3,5 barriers - last at Bescot April 2008

    6339, 45, 58 Craigentinny

    6352,3,4,5,9 Bounds Green

    6393 Still not seen since 2007!

    6395, 98 Etches Park?

    98380,1,2,3,4 Eurostar barriers

    96542,3 Bicester

    99019 York

    210382 BB Kirow support van

    786906 Doncaster TMD

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