Photo of 889005 at Bedford

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  • 889005 - BR Ferry Motor Car van

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  • Bedford
  • 26 May 1991
  • © Peter Cummings


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  • robin morel

    13 October 2005, 20:35:00

    Still at Bedford October 2005 although numbers have faded. 3 wagons also in formation, (ADB)715006/715038/715015.

  • Rob

    26 April 2006, 19:48:20

    This van was used as a small Mess office coach for the OHL engineers. It is fitted with a Cooker and other basic messing equipment.

  • rob

    11 December 2008, 18:50:43

    These sidings (former DMU stabling sidings) are to be cleared soon to allow construction of new electrified carriuage sidings to accomodate 12 car length emu stock as part of the Thameslink Programme.

    This vehicle (plus 3 other wagons) are in the way and can easily be removed by road

    Shame to see them get cut up........

  • Ben Williams

    11 December 2008, 23:39:36

    Interesting - thanks Rob. Any takers? I'm sure there will be interest in this ferry van if not the drum wagons... I'm not sure who officially owns them these days though - assume EWS? I once had a note 889005 was Carillion owned...

  • Ben Williams

    31 July 2009, 11:37:16

    Time is running out for this van - end of the year it will have to be moved or scrapped!

  • Rob Morel

    29 March 2010, 17:43:23

    still on site and still uncertain who "legal" owner is along with 3 cable drum wagons, as mentioned before, site to be eventually cleared to provide extra emu stabling

    Can anyone confirm owner?

    still sound inside and out and stored securley, the clock is ticking.

  • Jon Horswell

    7 May 2010, 00:19:11

    With regards to the above comments - it all depends on weather it actually gets offered for resale. Not knowing who owns it could be its downfall.......

    Were the 3 vehicles with it actually designed as cable drum carriers or are they underframes of wagons cut down and modified for the task?

  • Rob Morel

    7 May 2010, 08:42:50

    the 3 wagons have all the extra equipment bolted to the floor rather than say converted to have a "well" to house the cable drums. An access platform exists also on one of them. They all ran together as a "mini" overhead line train" With all the changes in ownership over the years of these wagons they appear to have been forgoten about, as a recent survey to clear all sidings of surplus stock to cut out any fire or vandalism risk did not find the owner of these, the other van at bedford a former "BG" (93482)was identified as having an owner who cut it on site. After extensive enquiries with the rolling stock library owner still not identified for these 4 vehicles,which is sad as the van is still invery good condition internally and externally. .

  • David Denton

    10 May 2010, 13:30:25

    Hi Rob

    With your comments on the stock at Bedford you say the owner of 93482 had

    it cut could you tell me who cut up that GUV i have been trying to identify who

    cut it up for years

    Many thanks


  • Rob Morel

    10 May 2010, 14:22:37

    I don't know who actually did the "gas axe" work but remains taken to nearby EMR depot (European Metal recycling) at Cauldwell Walk in Bedford just next to the railway line south of the station, so it may have been them.

  • David Denton

    13 May 2010, 00:51:35

    Hi Rob

    Many thanks


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