Photo of 889026 at Gloucester

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  • 889026 - BR Ferry Motor Car van

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  • Gloucester
  • 12 September 2002
  • © Richard Smith


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  • Roger Gell

    19 June 2006, 18:18:02

    So it is still there ! A few years ago EWS told me, on enquiry, that this van had been sold, but they would not tell me who to. Does anyone know - presumably to which scrap company? It would be a pity if such a useful vehicle was cut.

  • Phil Scott

    22 July 2006, 16:11:47

    Does anyone know the identity of the two wagons either side of 889026? I have often passed them but the trains usually go too quickly to see their numbers.

  • Ben Williams

    23 July 2006, 10:52:15

    Reported to be DB740247 and DB484194.

  • Ben Williams

    21 October 2008, 20:53:48

    I've been told the yard has recently been cleared so I'm not sure if these vehicles were cut on site? Any more info appreciated! Thanks

  • James Cleevely

    14 August 2010, 01:41:45

    Hi Ben,

    These wagons went a few years ago now, seeing this image has reminded me of these wagons. I dont know if they were scrapped on site or scrapped at all, but they havent beem there for about 2 years at least.



  • Ben Williams

    14 August 2010, 19:42:56

    Believed scrapped on site yes around October 2008 but not sure who did the work...

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