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977941 - Route Learning Unit

Photo of 977941 at Thornaby TMD

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  • 977941 - Route Learning Unit

Photo details

  • Thornaby TMD
  • 21 April 2004
  • © David Lloyd


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  • Phil Scott

    20 November 2006, 21:06:58

    Has this unit been sold, or has the sale fallen through? EWS normally stipulate removing vehicles from their property following a sale.

  • Dave Shell

    18 January 2008, 20:54:59

    I would love to know, as if it becomes available again I have a sum of money and some siding space I can designate...

  • Dave Shell (NREL, AVRP, OTPPG)

    10 October 2008, 16:57:24

    Back up for sale again on the latest EWS tender. I will be registering interest.

  • Jon Horswell

    9 May 2009, 23:50:37

    Having recently arrived at Shildon, do we know of its final destination?

  • Ben Williams

    10 May 2009, 13:47:26

    I don't believe it is actually at Shildon - last noted at a haulage yard near Durham but no more details yet.

  • Steve Best

    18 May 2009, 01:17:16

    Didn't this go to Rail Restorations North East at Unit 8A, Hackworth Park, Shildon?

  • Ben Williams

    18 May 2009, 07:24:15

    I think it is due to go there but I'm not 100% sure it has made it there yet so any confirmation would be good.

  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    8 August 2010, 10:07:08

    It would appear this HAS now moved to shildon - unsure of owners or it's eventual destination once restored though...

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